Frequently asked questions

What is 5% art tax?

Kunstavgiften/The Art Tax is applicable to art sales where the sale price exceeds 2000 NOK. The revenue is collected when art is sold and benefits artists. For more information please visit

What is a limited edition print?

Galleri Golsa works closely with leading contemporary artists to commission limited edition prints from either a new or existing artwork. A print or sculpture is produced in a limited number from this original artwork under the direct supervision of the artist. Prints will be hand-signed and numbered by the artist, and sculptural editions will be accompanied by a signed certificate-of-authenticity. A small number of Artist Proofs (APs) will also be produced. These are generally identical to the prints in the main edition. The number of prints is always strictly limited to the number in the edition and the APs. No further prints are ever produced. We sometimes make the APs available for sale once the main edition has sold out. Please ask.

How are the editions framed?

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the framing of your edition. In general we don't offer framing online, but get in touch and we will be happy to assist you and recommend a framer. In some cases we can also provide you with a specification for framing in the style chosen by the artist in collaboration with Galleri Golsa. which any good framer should be able to work from.

Please note that some of the works we offer in our web shop are already framed, and in those cases it will be reflected in the price and specified under the object description.